After Hours Care Explanation

If you are having a medical emergency (example: chest pain, severe abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, stroke symptoms, major injuries or accidents), please call 911 or go to the emergency room and follow the advice of the physicians on duty.  You can notify Dr. Lomotey once you are being cared for.

“Office hours” for the purpose of calls, texts, or emails about non-urgent matters, billing questions, and refill requests are considered to be 8am-4pm M-F. Dr. Lomotey may not be physically in the office and available for visits during all of these hours and there are days when she will be physically in the office and available for appointments beyond these hours. When making an “after hours” call or sending an “after hours” text, please select “routine” if the matter can wait until the next clinic day and “urgent” for urgent medical matters that you do not feel can wait until the next clinic day.  Examples of urgent matters: uncontrolled vomiting, a laceration, an acute injury that you do not feel is safe to wait to have evaluated, urinary tract infection symptoms that are causing distress.  Dr. Lomotey will make every effort to respond promptly to all urgent requests. However, please note that on certain nights of the week/weekend response time may be delayed. If you do not get a response in the time frame you feel is necessary, please proceed to the nearest urgent care or ER for evaluation and treatment.

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