What is Direct Primary Care?

Are you tired of your doctor taking days to return your call?  

Are you tired of having an urgent problem and your doctor not being able to see you for days or weeks?

Are you tired of rushed visits and feeling like your doctor is too busy to take care of you?

Are you tired of unexpected bills and expenses from your primary care visits? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions then direct primary care may be just the thing for you….

      Direct primary care is a cutting-edge healthcare model that removes third party intrusion on the doctor patient relationship. By having a flat monthly membership fee for primary care needs, no insurance is involved, and there is no middle man. It is just the patient and doctor deciding what’s best for the patient’s personal health. Patients will have extraordinary access to their physician by cell phone, text, secure messaging and email in addition to same or next-day in person or virtual visits.  Because the doctor is paid directly by the patient, the doctor is able to have a much smaller panel of patients. This means more time for each patient–thirty to sixty minute visits, instead of five to ten!  More time means more personalized and better healthcare. 

Video created by Texas Public Policy Foundation https://www.texaspolicy.com/

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