Clinic Policies


Payments: We do not accept any third-party payments. We will not bill third-party payors. Upon request, we will provide an invoice if patients wish to seek reimbursement through a third party payor.

Medication Refill Requests: Please contact the pharmacy first for refills. Please confine routine refill requests to regular business hours.

Appointments: We will prioritize timeliness for your appointments. Arrivals later than the scheduled appointment time may require abbreviated appointments or rescheduling for a later date.

Cancellation: Please provide 24 hours notice for appointment cancellation.

Changes of information: Please provide updates to address, phone number, or credit card information as soon as possible. Failure to notify us resulting in missed payments will invalidate the direct primary care agreement until payment is made.

Narcotics: We prescribe narcotics solely for acute cancer pain, post-surgical pain, or severe acute injuries/fractures.  We do not prescribe chronic narcotics.  Narcotics are not kept in the office.  We do not prescribe or refill benzodiazepines.  

Right of Conscience: Thrive Direct Primary Care strongly affirms rights of conscience for healthcare workers and expects each clinician to practice medicine within the bounds of his or her own conscience. At no time will a clinician or employee be forced to perform, facilitate or refer for any medical treatment that he or she feels violates their conscience.

Abortions: We do not engage or refer for any treatment intended to cause an abortion.

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